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A lick of paint

Monday 25th March 2013

Today is our last free Monday until 2014. From here on in we are open seven days a week.

So how am I spending my last, glorious moments of freedom? Here's how:

Cleaning and making ready the ice-cream deep-freeze lest any of our customers is fool-hardy enough to take off their woolly mittens and fancies a cone. Haha!

And painting the shop floor.

Painting the shop floor is an annual task. (I'm sure it shouldn't be; perhaps our customers have particularly rough and heavy feet.) Last year, I remember the sweat dripping off us as we did it, the weather was so hot. This year none of us was even the slightest bit tempted to take off a fleece. That's global warming for you.

Painting the floor is quite a big job but we have had a fantastic complement of helpers: Nikki, the lovely Lesley and all the Quirks and we got it done quite quickly. Now all that remains is to put the furniture and the stock back.

Seeing the place all-but empty while the paint dries reminds me of Made on the Isle of Wight's infancy, before we'd stocked the shelves and it was just a big, bare space.

I've been standing, staring through the porthole in the front door, marvelling at it as a proud mother might marvel at her child:

My, how you've grown!

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