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Of endings and beginnings

Sunday 3rd March 2013

On Friday we said goodbye to Adrian which felt very odd, but would have felt worse had we not had his successor, Nikki here all week, learning the ropes. From Tuesday to Friday the two of them were joined at the hip either hunched over the computer as Adrian passed on the intricacies of his supply systems or shoulder to shoulder at the till with Nikki finding her way round its particular demands and peculiar quirks.

During this hand-over period most of our regulars came in to say goodbye and hello and I was able to reassure them that they are still in good hands. In fact, they are in remarkably good hands.

Nikki is – or rather was, for 10 years – a naval lieutenant. The early part of her CV is studded with evocative names like HMS Raleigh and Illustrious. It contains phrases that smack of derring-do: ‘Duty Officer responsible for the safety of the Ship…..reacting to Fires, Floods and Casualties’. It speaks of adventure: ‘…when deployed to the Indian Ocean on Counter Piracy….’ It makes a naval career sound so alluring that I almost regret not signing up myself 30 years ago!

And there is more. Nikki’s next job was as a special projects manager for the Olympics. Her logistical duties included getting anti-doping samples to the labs, ensuring that firearms arrived safely at the shooting events and – get this – making sure that all the medals were present and correct at the medal ceremonies – a key role you have to admit.

We are very lucky to have her and I’m quite sure that she will have us shipshape in no time.

On top of which, she happens to be very nice!

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