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Ladies! Stand up for your rights!

Saturday 9th February 2013

It has been reported in the press recently that 90 percent of women say they would like their husband/boyfriend/significant other to make a romantic gesture on Valentines's Day rather than give them an expensive present.

Well I say tommy-rot!

Quite frankly one romantic gesture a day is the very least we women should expect in exchange for the maintenance of normal services: cooking, cleaning (floors, surfaces, children, sundry pets), the granting of conjugal rights, writing all the thank-you letters and so on and on and on.

Recession or no, Valentine's Day demands a present. And this is probably most particularly true if you and yours are more Darby and Joan than Romeo and Juliet. Long service always deserves recognition.

So may I suggest that, without further ado, you scoll up the page a bit and check out our Valentine Gifts and Hampers.

And when the day dawns, if you are wondering where to spend that all important evening, you could do worse than the uber-chic MooCow Bar in Cowes where my first-born will be singing and playing his guitar. (
'll be there - you'll know me by the fact that I'll be sitting on my hands to prevent myself from applauding too often!)

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