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Paragon wanted.

Friday 1st February 2013

I don't know why that curmudgeonly old poet T.S.Eliot thought April was the cruellest month. In this neck of the woods it's January that's really dire, with the non-stop rain and everybody bored and broke after Christmas.

I'd been counting the days til it was over and we could start looking forward to Spring and business picking up and starting to put all our new plans into place and then - whooomph!

Adrian our marvellous manager goes and resigns.

He's staying on the Island but he's going to run a bike shop/hire centre. Well - you know the old saying: you can take the man off the bike but you can't take the bike off his mind, no matter how hard you try.

Adrian is a cycling nut.

We knew that from the start - hard not to when he quite often arrived at work head to toe in tight-ftting lycra (and I mean head to toe, he even has funny little sock things that strap his feet onto the pedals) having cycled all the way to Bullen Road from Freshwater.

And we didn't have much to offer as an outlet for his passion. Too late I've volunteered to play bicycle polo with him in his lunch hour. He admits the carpark would be a perfect place for it, but it hasn't made him change his mind.

So at the end of this month he will pedal into his future and how we will miss him.

Let me count the ways.

1) His smiling, friendly, good-natured, sensible presence in the shop.

2) His parcel-packing skills and hamper presentation.

3) His retail experience.

4) His patience in helping me master my new phone and assorted I.T. skills

5) The fact that he is very good at devising the systems which have enabled us to keep control of our various concessions .

6) Robin will miss discussing sport with him.

7) His patience generally.

8) The ease with which he puts the coffee machine back together having taken it apart to clean it - something that defeats me completely.

9) His unfailing common sense

10) His enthusiasm....I could go on.

He will be missed. (Despite the fact he was really not very good about putting out the rubbish!)

So - if you are reading this and you or someone you know might have all the above qualities plus - if possible - a good knowledge of social media please step forward.

We need you!

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