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The great escape

Wednesday 16th January 2013

The cold spell hit the Isle of Wight just as we re-opened the shop after two weeks holiday. Luckily I have finally learnt that Christmas tends to herald the beginning rather than the end of winter so thermal wear featured large under the Courage Christmas tree - and thank heavens for it.

We opened the doors of the shop with some trepidation, anxious that in our absence the hustle and bustle of shoppers might have been replaced by the pitter patter of small furry feet. Against this possibility we had locked away everything edible - or so we thought.....

At first glance everything seemed fine and indeed everything was fine - all stock present and correct. Except for one mousetrap.

We had set three and two were still there, still baited, but the third was nowhere to be seen.

We searched high and low, in dark corners and deep cupboards, under tables and fridges - nothing.

And then we noticed a large hole in the black rubber doormat that sits beneath the doors of the shop. The hole was exactly underneath the door and it measures about six by three inches.

It took us a while to connect this hole with the missing trap but after a bit we put two and two together and came up with a mighty mouse that had dragged the trap the length of the shop - about 30 feet and then eaten his way out.

Well, what can I say - respect!

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