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Rocken Edge


Rocken Edge
The Undercliff Trilogy by Wendy K Harris is a series of novels of adventure, romance and intrigue, all set on the Undercliff on the west end of the Isle of Wight where the author herself lives. Although each novel can be read independently, the same places and characters appear in each one.

Rocken Edge is the third in the trilogy and the setting moves further along the coast towards the west of the Isle of Wight, past St Catherine’s lighthouse to a fictitious farm at Rocken Edge.

New characters are Clare - a traumatised teenager with an unwanted baby, searching for someone, and Fran - an older woman who lives at Rocken Edge Farm with her animals and her penchant for the ballet. There is also a major reappearance of Rachel, from Blue Slipper Bay who owns a café on the esplanade at Ventnor and is being tempted by all things Italian. And of course, all the chararcters from The Sorrow Of Sisters and Blue Slipper Bay are still living in The Undercliff. It is their home and they refuse to be budged!

Wendy Harris

The youngest of four sisters, Wendy Harris resorted to writing in order to get a word in edgeways. She continued to write while practising as a nurse, homoeopath and counsellor and bringing up five children in rattling old rectory in Herefordshire.
When the time came for a change, she moved her husband and her laptop into a caravan and trundled around Wales and England, finally becoming ensnared by The Undercliff on the Isle of Wight, entranced by its history of shipwrecks, smuggling and landslips. Here she was inspired by tumbling cliffs and precarious cottages to write The Sorrow of Sisters, Blue Slipper Bay and Rocken Edge which have become known as The Undercliff Novels.
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