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Naturally Wight Cosmetics

Sharon Lake, a qualfied aromatherapist and holistic therapist, has blended her own award-winning skin care range using plant based organic ingredients and organic essential oils. Her philosophy is: If its safe to eat, its safe to put on my skin.

All her products contain:
Natural spring water
Vegetable oil and waxes extracted from nuts, seeds, fruits and leaves
Pure essential oils
Floral waters obtained from steam distillation
Natural vitamin E from sunflowers
Organic Aloe Vera concentrate
MF/VE Emulsifier, which enables oil and water to mix. (These vegetable based emuslifiers, produced from Lactic acid, vegetable based stearic acid, Coconut and Palm oil, are used by the food industry in vegan ice-cream and mayonnaise.)
Vegetable based humectants (moisturisers that keep the skin soft and pliable by retaining water and binding it into the skin).
When required she uses up to 1.5%, preservative K, the most natural preservative favoured by green cosmetic companies world wide.
The detergents used in shampoos and shower gels are sourced from Coconut and Palm Kernel Oil

Her products are tested on family and friends rather than on animals and she guarantees that they do not contain:
Artifical colours or fragrances
Sodium Lauryl Sulphate
By-products of the petroleum industry.

All Naturally Wight products are formulated for people with sensitive skin, but as a common sense precaution, it is advisable to take a patch test either on the inside of upper arm or behind the ear 24 hours before the first application.

Made on the Isle of Wight, Bullen Mead, Bullen Road, Ryde, Isle of Wight, PO33 1QE
01983 564949