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Native and Traditional

Frank and Maretta Heap work together to create a range of items including bird feeders, dibbers and pencils, all made from native coppiced timber, cut on the Isle of Wight. Managing the woodland in this way increases its diversity and improves the habitat for native wildlife.
When woodland is coppiced there is no need for replanting as the trees will grow back again, producing at least five times as many stems as they had before.
Cutting every five to seven years enables light to reach the woodland floor, creating glades for butterflies, moths and other insects. Bluebells, primroses and other ground flora will also burst into life and carpet the glades.

Leek Planter

Leek Planter


Made on the Isle of Wight, Bullen Mead, Bullen Road, Ryde, Isle of Wight, PO33 1QE
01983 564949