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Derek Atkins

Derek Atkins interest in woodturning was sparked in his early teens while staying in a B&B in Weymouth where the owner practiced segmented turning. This involves cutting sections of wood and gluing them together into a ring or blank, before turning them on the lathe. Segmented turning gives the wood-turner control over the final shape of the bowl because he is not constrained by one piece of timber. Although a very time consuming process, it is very economical in terms of wood used.

Since he took up woodturning in 2004, Derek has been collecting odds and ends of wood from discarded household objects. He has recently acquired a stock of old hardwood flooring boards which will give him an opportunity to experiment with shapes, patterns and colours in his work.

A former computer programmer, Derek says: I enjoy trying to improve on the natural beauty of wood by building my blanks with different pieces of wood in various colours. Sometimes I get what I am after in terms of the final pattern and sometimes I dont; occasionally I end up with something better than I hoped for!

Apple Platter

Apple Platter


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