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The Island: A Saga

An every day story of Island folk

The Island 20

Things are hotting up for the summer season, and I can't find the time to write more episodes of The Island right now.

Will you miss it?

If so please let me know via Robin's email. If enough people want to know what happened next to Jacqui, Jade, Camilla et a...
Tue 17th April 2012

The Island 19: A Late Night Visitor

It was gone 1l.30 pm by the time Jacqui Draper arrived at Jade Piggot’s flat in Binstead. With his belly full of pizza and beer Jacqui’s boyfriend Craig had gone all lovey-dovey on her and it had taken every ounce of thespian in her to persuade him that she had a headache. Eventually he dropped he...
Mon 2nd April 2012

The Island 18: A Chance Encounter

Jacqui Draper and Craig Wilmott sat opposite one another in Newport’s Pizza Hut. They had just seen A Woman in Black (or in Jacqui’s case some of it; she was a wimp about scary films and had spent a lot of this one with her face buried in Craig’s shoulder.) For a few moments they ate hungrily and ...
Wed 28th March 2012

The island 17: Good Advice?

The members of Camilla Pinkerton-Smythe’s bridge group had been as one and they had been adamant: she simply must report the broken drain-pipe to the police.

‘Do be sensible, darling.’ Jocasta Caldicott - an elegant red-head with three sons at Eton and a shopping habit - considered h...
Fri 23rd March 2012

The Island 16: Case 1 (Goldilocks)

Trainee Detective Constable Driver sat at his desk in Newport’s police station patting a sheaf of papers together. Having got them neatly aligned, he placed them in a clear plastic folder which he had labelled Case 1(Goldilocks). Inside the folder there was a cardboard divider separating Case 1a f...
Sun 18th March 2012

The Island 15: A burglar in Bluett Avenue?

Jacqui Draper whisked her duster along the kitchen skirting boards. Her boss, Camilla Pinkerton-Smythe’s new habit of bringing her bridge club down to Seaview mid-week meant Jacqui’s job was becoming a bit more demanding. Gone were the days when she didn’t see the family from September til Easter...
Tue 13th March 2012

The Island 14: the homecoming

Sally Thomas, dressed and ready to go home, sat on the hard chair beside her bed. Occasionally she looked rather longingly at the crisp, smooth sheets. She had been longing for this moment, she felt she had spent an eternity in hospital. But now she was up and dressed she was surprised by how exh...
Fri 9th March 2012

The Island 13: The Confession

Jacqui Draper and Jade Piggot sat at the bar of the Black Sheep in Union Street, each nursing a large glass of white wine.

It was a Monday – not usually one of their nights for going out, not when Jade had to get 6 year old Jackson to school in the morning. But when Jacqui rang to sa...
Mon 5th March 2012

The Island 12: The plot thickens

Dennis Corrs and Barry Jenks sat side by side on the plastic hospital chairs, clutching their coats on their laps. Dennis was trying not to look at the tea trolley which had come to rest at the foot of the bed opposite the one occupied by his friend Sally Thomas. He knew the tea was for the patie...
Fri 2nd March 2012

The Island: 11 The Mysterious Pair of Pants

Jade Piggott sat opposite Donna Couchewell, her coffee going cold as she listened, slack-jawed, to what her boss was saying. In her five years as a waitress at the Bien Venue Guest House, she had only once before been asked to sit down for a chat. That was last year when Donna offered her the job...
Wed 29th February 2012

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