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How to eat your way to health and happiness.

Sheila Dillon, editor of the BBC's The Food Programme wrote a piece recently about the link between food and health. Or indeed food and sickness. The poor woman had been diagnosed (and has now been successfully treated for) cancer and so it was obviously much on her mind. One of the things t...
Sun 19th May 2013

The Sun Has Got His Hat On

On one of the glorious sunny days last week, a customer observed that back in the days when she was working as an NHS GP, she and her colleagues used to see a lot of patients with what they called 'February syndrome'.

"It was long before anyone had heard of 'SAD...
Sun 5th May 2013

Dressing for Summer

Robin mowed the lawns for the first time this year on Monday and what a difference it makes to the look of the place - and to the morale, funnily enough. It's had the same effect on our spirits as a good haircut.

That was the first sign that the endless winter might finally be ...
Wed 10th April 2013

East West, the IOW's Best

In church in Seaview on Easter Day, the vicar, Mary Strange said the first of her farewells. She told us she was leaving the parish after 11 years and I thought: 'Blimey - 11 years. That means we've been here at least 13 or 14 years.'

Sorry to revert so quickly to ...
Wed 3rd April 2013

A lick of paint

Today is our last free Monday until 2014. From here on in we are open seven days a week.

So how am I spending my last, glorious moments of freedom? Here's how:

Cleaning and making ready the ice-cream deep-freeze lest any of our customers is fool-hardy enough ...
Mon 25th March 2013

Of endings and beginnings

On Friday we said goodbye to Adrian which felt very odd, but would have felt worse had we not had his successor, Nikki here all week, learning the ropes. From Tuesday to Friday the two of them were joined at the hip either hunched over the computer as Adrian passed on the intricacies of his supply ...
Sun 3rd March 2013

Be Careful What You Wish For

The thing I hate most about the modern world is the obsolescence built in to almost everything you buy.

It first hit me a few years back when I called the dishwasher repair man. He peered into the machine dubiously before asking me how old it was. When I told him he took his head ...
Sun 17th February 2013

Ladies! Stand up for your rights!

It has been reported in the press recently that 90 percent of women say they would like their husband/boyfriend/significant other to make a romantic gesture on Valentines's Day rather than give them an expensive present.

Well I say tommy-rot!

Quite frankly one ...
Sat 9th February 2013

Paragon wanted.

I don't know why that curmudgeonly old poet T.S.Eliot thought April was the cruellest month. In this neck of the woods it's January that's really dire, with the non-stop rain and everybody bored and broke after Christmas.

I'd been counting the days til it was ove...
Fri 1st February 2013

The great escape

The cold spell hit the Isle of Wight just as we re-opened the shop after two weeks holiday. Luckily I have finally learnt that Christmas tends to herald the beginning rather than the end of winter so thermal wear featured large under the Courage Christmas tree - and thank heavens for it.

Wed 16th January 2013

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